Village West Resort and Hotel
and Convention Center

Call 712-337-3223 ext 453 or email
for more information.

Spaces available to rent:

  • Convention Center-6000 Sq. Feet
  • Main Event Bar & Eatery-1,750 Sq Feet
  • Dining room #1/Queens Room-1,200 Sq. Feet
  • Dining room #2/Okoboji Room-990 Sq. Feet
  • South Hotel Meeting #1-870 Sq. Feet
  • South Hotel Meeting #2-775 Sq. Feet
  • South Hotel Meeting #3-1,540 Sq. Feet
  • Courtyard, Social Club and Country Club


All alcohol must be purchased through Village West Resort and Food can be catered in by your choice.


Rental fees cover room utilities, set-up, service ware, teardown, clean-up and linen laundering. Rates vary depending on choice of location. Rates also DO NOT include any decorations or decorating.


A limited selection of audio-visual equipment is available for rent on property. A detailed list of A/V equipment is available upon request.


Please discuss any decorations you would like to bring to the facility with the Convention Manager prior to the event date.


Musicians, orchestras, etc will be booked by the party arranging each event and will solely be their responsibility. The Convention Department has suggestions available.


Village West Resort and Hotel will require your beverage requirements no later than two weeks in advance of your meeting or special event. A signed guarantee is required 7 business days prior to your function. This guarantee is the minimum your group will be charged for the function. If the convention office does not receive a guarantee, then we will consider the last indication of attendance as the guarantee. We will set and prepare 5% over your guarantee number; if more seats are used we will charge accordingly.


All prices are subject to proportionate increases based on escalated beverage and operation expenses. Prices can only be guaranteed when a signed banquet contract is executed.


A deposit is required for all functions. All deposits are equal to the agreed upon room rent and are required to reserve the room desired.

The deposit for meeting rooms is non-refundable if the confirmed date is cancelled within 90 days of the event. Convention Center deposit is non-refundable.


All banquet functions will be charged an 18% service charge and 7% sales tax.


Payment in full is expected following the completion of the function. Statements are due and payable upon receipt.

Past due statements will be subject to a finance charge (1.5% per month). Any host bar arrangements must be paid immediately following the completion of the event.


Village West Resort and Hotel is not responsible for the damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the resort prior to or following the event.


Please read your contracts completely for all obligations and retain a copy for your records. Make sure your guarantee numbers, locations, times, menus, and set-up arrangements are all correct on your contract.

Thank You for considering Village West Resort for your function !!